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If you’re injured at work, know your rights.

You are entitled to compensation for your injury

The state of Pennsylvania has clear laws that protect workers that have been injured on the job. Our network of attorneys work hard to get you every dollar you deserve.

You should be aware that workers' compensation litigation is complex, and your employer or your employer’s insurance carrier will be represented by an experienced attorney. While you may represent yourself in these proceedings, a non-attorney cannot represent you. To obtain the best possible result for a claim, an attorney is strongly recommended.

Your claim is not against your employer, it is against the insurance carrier

Many injured workers are reluctant to file a claim despite an injury because they fear retaliation from their employer. Retaliation for a claim is not only illegal, but unwise because the claim is against the insurance carrier and not the employer.

Your employer has a duty to protect their workers when injuries occur

Employers are required to either have a Workers’ Compensation policy or the financial resources to fulfill their duty to protect workers who have been injured on the job.

Attorneys work on 100% contingency and do not require any payment up front or out of pocket costs

There is no cost to hire an attorney until the case has been settled and financial distributions have gone out.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have recently experienced a workplace injury, you are not alone. When you file your case with us, you're taking the first step towards regaining peace of mind. And our network of attorneys will be with you every step of the way throughout your recovery. We're here to answer your and protect your rights under the law. Call (856) 382 7949 for details.

1What benefits am I entitled to?

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation laws that protect you and your compensation may take many forms, including:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Specific loss, such as a limb loss or loss of use of a limb
  • Severe disfigurement/scarring
  • Ongoing physical or vocational rehabilitation
  • Death benefits
2What kind of Workers’ Compensation claims are available?

While there are many different types of claims, our experienced attorneys will guide you to the right type of claim petition to file. Every case is different, and we encourage you to call or message us with specifics of your case. Here are a few claim types that an injured worker should be aware of:

Loss of Wages Petition

Compensation based on missed work or the inability to continue to work because of full or partial disability

Lump Sum Settlement

Offers may come from the insurance carrier that could settle your case with with a lump sum payment. It’s important to consult with a qualified attorney to understand your options before accepting any offer. Many times, the offer will be a small percentage of what you actually deserve

Specific Loss Petition

Compensation payments for specific loss of limb or other body part; or loss of use of limb or body part

Scar Petition

Compensation payments for scarring on the head, face or neck

Reinstatement Petition

If you have a claim that has been suspended, our Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help you file a reinstatement petition that can allow you to receive wage loss benefits again

3What are some common issues the attorneys see related to work injury claims?
  • Doctors who send injured workers back to work before they are physically ready
  • Insurance companies randomly holding up temporary benefits checks
  • Doctors refusing to provide necessary treatment because their loyalty lies with the insurance company who is paying them
  • FEAR – Injured workers afraid of pursuing a claim, getting reinjured and then having their claim denied; this can leave them with huge medical bills and also force them out of their jobs
4What should I do if my claim has been denied?

Immediately contact an attorney for advice and representation. Call us at (856) 382 7949 for details.


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  • review rating 5  Very professional! Prompt response to my calls and emails. Received all necessary treatments and care for my injury. Special thanks to Kathy and Angela(paralegal team). Would definitely recommend!

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